JSVER Mini Desktop Power Strip Hide Recessed Power Grommet Socket

Desktop Power Grommet JSVER Mini Desktop Power Strip Hide Recessed Power Grommet Socket with 2 AC Outlets and 2 USB Charging Ports,Cable for a 3-1/8 Inch Desk Hole for Kitchen Table/Conference Room
Conveniently adds 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports to the top of your desk
Fits into a 3-1/8 inch desk hole; required hole diameter: 3.12-3.33 inches, please measure the diameter beforehand
Charging technology enables each USB port to detect and deliver an ideal input current of up to 2.1A (the actual current is decided by the demand for the devices).
Allows you to simultaneously charge multiple devices, offering the maximum level of safety, convenience, and reliability
Makes your desk tidy and organized by getting rid of multiple power cables


Operating voltage/current: 110-240V/12A

USB output: 5V/2.1A

Cord length: 6.56 ft

Cord gauge: 16 AWG

Dimensions: 3.53*3.53*3.26 inches

Weight: 14.46 oz

Material: ABS (750° fire retardant plastics)

Model: JSVER-PS2022


3 outlets + 3 USB ports + 1 on/off switch

USB output: 5V 2.4A, USB Power Rating: 12W, each port supports up to 2.4A.

Fully embracing the smart charging technology, every single USB port can intelligently identify your device and seek to maximize its charging speed,

granting charging speed up to 2.4A per port by optimally distributing the current.

A power switch / LED indicator allows control for AC outlets and USB ports

Package Includes:

1 x JSVER Power Grommet

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