Ashtray for Cigarette JSVER Stainless Steel Ashtray

Ashtray for Cigarette JSVER Stainless Steel Ashtray, Smokeless Odorless Ash Tray with Lids, Tabletop Ashtrays for Home Office Outdoor Balcony (Black)
Safe from Wind- Comes with a lid to hide the cigarette butts, ashes and smell and prevent anything from blowing out with the wind. Helps to keep the smell of smoke away from all of nonsmokers, and eliminate any ashes or cigarette butts in the yard.
3 Notches- Comes with 2 notches to rest slim or regular cigarettes and a bigger one that is wide enough to place cigarettes in larger sizes and cigars.
Easy to Use- Using metal stamping and forming method, the pedestal in the center doesnt deform, loosen or wobble. The inside of ashtray is smooth and flat, and doesnt have any tight and narrow spaces, so dumping out the ash and cleaning is simple.
Outdoor Ashtray- Perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Features a lid to keep the rain out, and has enough weight to withstand stormy weather with high winds.
Stylish & Durable- Made of stainless steel, this ashtray sturdy, solid, attractive and blends in well with any décor.


Materials: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Dimensions: 110*110*75mm/4.3*4.3*3in

Weight: 6.5oz/185g

Model: JSVER-AS0111


Has multiple holes (2 small + 1 bigger) to kick your cigarettes and cigars up on side for next time use. 

The lid ensures that cigarette butts and ashes dont blow away when its windy, and allows for the ashes, cigarette butts and smell inside to be hidden.

In the middle there is a pedestal for resting / putting out your cigarettes. 

Heavy enough not to get blown down by the wind.

Looks classy and elegant, great for being used on your patio table outside

Keeps the stinky cigarette butts corralled and out of sight so they dont make the outdoor space gross for non-smokers to visit.

Package Includes:

1 x JSVER Ashtray with Lid

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