JSVER Portable Anti-Theft Lock Bag Secure

JSVER Portable Anti-Theft Lock Bag Secure For Phone, ID, Money Travel Vault
Dimensions: 8.66 x 5.70 x 3.15 inches (22 x 14.48 x 8 cm)
Anti-theft: Like a portable travel safe for your valuables. The corrosion-resistant alloy combination lock is easy to use, allowing you to change your pass codes efficiently.
Slash-resistant: The cash bag with lock is made up of slash-resistant 1680D nylon material.
Water-resistant: This security lock bag is splash-proof and is adequately protected from light rain.
Portable: The perfect partner to accompany you on outdoor activities such as excursions to the beach, yachting, camping, golfing and amusement parks. Also, perfect for the indoors like schools, office spaces and hotels.

Dimensions:8.66 x 5.70 x 3.15 inches
Vertical zippers for added safety
The mesh pockets at the side are there to provide quick access to non-precious items.
The webbing on the back is designed to be attached to your belt.

1. Unlocking: With the correct code, push and slide the rectangular button downwards. (Initial code set as: 0-0-0). Then, unfold the flap upwards and zip down.
2. Set a new code: Align the numbers to match the present code (Initial code: 0-0-0), then push the rectangular button all the way down to the bottom. While the button is still in the downwards position, rotate the dials until you reach your new designated three-digit code. Please take care and remember that the rectangular button must not be released back upwards in the process. Please make sure that the button stays at the bottom, otherwise the code will not have changed. We recommend that you slowly and meticulously rotate the dials individually. Once you have finished your new three-digit code, simply release the button back up to the top.

Package Includes:
1 x Portable Lockbox
1 x Tag
1 x OPP Bag
1 x Box
1 x User Guide
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